Property Manager Testimonial

Here is testimonial about the ease and benefits of LELE leaf mulching for larger institutions (such as an educational campus) from Michael Ferrara, Assistant Director of Facilities Management, The College of New Rochelle:

"We here at the College of New Rochelle were very fortunate to have Mike DeBartolo of Westchester Landscape Depot come to the campus to personally instruct my landscape contractor, Raymondo, on the proper use of the Vulcher mulching attachment to his mower.

"These photos (below) show the progress of mulching-in-place when done in the proper manner.  You can see the large amount of leaves reduced to the size of, what I like to say, 'cigarette tobacco.'

"The secret, if I may, is operating the machine essentially in circles (going over the partially chopped leaves a second pass) which causes the leaves to be mulched down to a very fine size.

"Experiencing the leaf mowing mulching method first hand, I must say this process is a 'no brainer' for landscapers and homeowners alike to adopt. They must simply retool themselves mentally and break from the old ways of removing leaves from their property. By embracing the LELE method and with access to continuing education outreach/training demos showing 'best techniques', it will get easier each time they mulch!

It creates a win-win situation not only by saving time and money, but because it is great for the ecology."

Partially processed leaves exhaust from deck towards un-mulched area.

Move more slowly than when mowing grass to allow finer leaf chop.

About 2/3 to 3/4 width intake under mower deck is optimum.

A second pass over leaf debris ensures finest chop.

Thanks to College of New Rochelle and Mike DeBartolo of Westchester Landscape Depot (located in New Rochelle) for this LELE demonstration.